Friday, June 17, 2011

Old movies: Jack the Gaint Killer.

I enjoy finding old movies. Sometimes they are movies I enjoyed a child, sometimes they have a great story line. So tonight I saw on netflix Jack the Giant Killer. Judging by the title and the image provided for the movie thought it would be another versions of Jack and the Bean stock.  I was wrong.
It was the classic tale of good verses evil, save the princess defeat the evil prince and his monsters. That concept I could deal with. What i couldn't shallow was the Evil Prince was actually an ancient wizard of the dark arts name PENDRAGON..... even though I think you see the problem with this, let me point it out. First, Pendragon is from Celtic legend and father to King Arther (occurring to the versions i have read. second he was worshiping the goddess Isis.... that not so bad.... what was not okay was in this movie she was and evil goddess that make witches.... not witches like me or other pagans. No witches that reflected the evil hags of the christian legends. I did like the fact that Jack was helped by a imp in a bottle (who is greed for gold and wears green.. wonder who that can be) who was imprison in a bottle by the elf king for casting "black magic." He did the whole genie thing and did three "good deeds" to help Jack save the princess. But in return Jack had to free him.

Over all I will not be watching this movie again. Nor will I show my child it, I understand for the time that it was "ok" but in 2011, Its not. i will give this movie a 2/5 only because they didn't villianify the fae folk.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Review: spring's sprung

Almost every pagan parenting site that i have been to has a one point recommended the book Spring's sprung by Lynn Plourde. The story is prefect for multiple sisters. As March, April, and May, get the world ready for spring. Meanwhile they argue over who is the best at anything including the mothers love, it shows that even sisters that argue can love and play together. It also shows a great way to handle these situations.

The Illustrations is done by Greg Couch, each page is done in watercolors, it is heavily saturated in color but very pleasing to the eyes. In fact, it's so wonderfully done that i wish they were posters that i could hang in my daughters wall.

There is a book for each season done by both the some writer and Illustrator.

my rating for this book is 5/5

Friday, August 7, 2009

review: witch stories for bedtime

Witch stories for bedtime is a collection of stories where the witches are either bad of good. it's really just a fun book to read. this happened to the stories my brother read to me growing up. it's not say that all witch are bad nor are they saying that magic is bad. some are about witches that misuse there power and the children in the stories have to save themselves using the magic on hand. the book is 60 pages long and the art in it is done by Jane Launchbury.
the story's are
Edward and Anna by Jane Launchbury, this is similar to Hansel and Gretal, but with no evil step mother.

The Magic Island by Elizabeth Waugh, is about a goodly witch that lives on an magic island, where a teddy bear ends up lost and lone, the witch helps find the teddy's way home

Witch Wurzel by Elizabeth Waugh, a witch steals a boy puts a spell on him to forget and makes him her apprentice. the hero in this story is his cousin Sarah and the boys pet kitten

The witches who come to stay by Philip Steele, a fisherman living on a little island gets three ungrateful house guests that happen to be witches, and how he get his house back. this is one of my favorites

Grumblog by Jane Garrett, a witch that hates anything beautiful, and her misadventures of tring and failing to rid her forest of it.

The Witch who didn't have a cat by Sue Seddon, the witch hates cats and is faced with one that she can't get rid of.

Rachel and the magic stone by Deborah Tyler, a little girls who live in a house between two sister witches at are arguing and make life difficult. this is the last story in this book.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

review: the magic crystal

the magic crystal by brigitte weninger. this beautiful story is about a hunchback dwarf name pico that hides because he is ugly, and one night helps crystal dwarves, and finds out that just because you are ugly doesn't mean you can't have friends. there is more to the book than this but for that you need to read it. it is a message about what is one the inside. also it has no religious reference, so this is a great story for all families.
the book is done in watercolors the illustrator robert ingpen painted each page's background in one color scheme; like different shades of green on one page then the next purple. on top of that the crystals actual shine, so it will catch the attention of you little ones. my 4th daughter kyra loves to look at this book since she was 7 months old.
i give this book 5/5 stars

finding pagan children books

if you are a pagan mother and you are looking for stories for you children that don't slip in jesus or the christian god. try this,
go to amazon and type spring's sprung by Lynn Plourde and Greg Couch in the search then click on it this book is a pagan story. i haven't got it yet but i will give a blog about it when i do. anyways
scroll down to customers who bought this item also bought this gives you a rich source to help moms and dad.